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Thanks for stopping by Your STD Help. We are a nation wide organization that is dedicated to helping people get tested and treated for sexually transmitted diseases throughout the U.S.

We specialize in distributing trustworthy accurate information on both women's and men's sexual health issues working closely with medical services across the country.

Founded in 2007 with the soul mission to "spread the word and not the disease" we have helped thousands of people both young and old realize the importance of taking control of their health.

Our foremost focus is educating teens and young adults about taking proper precautions and the possible dangers associated with all types of sexual intercourse, convincing high risk individuals to get tested regularly, and promoting safe actions. Every year an average of 19 million people become infected with an STD and an extremely high percentage of them are under the age of 24 which is why our focus is tailored towards a younger crowed but not exclusively.

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Are you a representative for a clinic or hospital? Please contact us below if you offer STD services at a low income basis and would like us to include your organization or business in our database.

Are you a student or educator? Please take a look at our FAQ section for more information on common questions and an in depth look at individual diseases.

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