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Thank you for being interested in Were always looking for great new people to help spread the word instead of a virus.

As usual there are some guide lines that we follow and ask you to do also. If interested in Linking to us please keep are link on a page that has something to do with health or even more specific relationships and stds.

Our Linking Information

Were pretty relaxed when it comes to what you should link to us with. We'll take links to any of our pages so long as the anchor text has something to do with the page your linking to.

Such as to our main page

Anchor text: Great resource on Std's and Sti's.

Or maybe something to do with a disease: Herpes Symptoms Pictures

If you would like to link to inner pages thats great too.

Maybe to our HPV page

Anchor text pointing to our HPV page: Common Hpv Treatments And Cures

Pretty much what were trying to say is be creative but on target and link to whatever you feel like on our site using whatever anchor text you feel appropriate. And thanks for taking the time to link to us and help out our worthy cause.

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