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Sexual Education Quiz Contest on STDs

July, 21 2012

Our goal at Your STD Help is to educate people not only on the dangers and social implications of sexually transmitted diseases but how to protect yourself and perhaps, have you learn something that you didn't know. Passing on knowledge isn't easy though. People don't like to talk about the subject, they get squeamish and shy and would rather just think that it won't happen to them. Well, the unfortunate fact is that it can happen to you and it happens to millions of people every year. In fact over 19 million people every year just in the U.S.

So we decided to throw a contest that will hopefully educate many and perhaps correct any erroneous facts people may think are the truth. Best of all you could win a $50.00 gift certificate to Amazon to buy anything your heart desires just by taking our quiz.

Do you think you know all there is to know about sexually transmitted diseases? Are you up to the challenge to prove yourself right? Go ahead and take the quiz you could win the big prize!

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How to Enter and the Rules

The idea of the contest is to educate people on STDs. All you have to do to enter is take the quiz below and at the end you will be brought to a page to enter your email so we can get a hold of you if you win. We DO NOT sell your email or send you anything. We are here to educate not sell you anything. The email is simply so that we can notify the winner when the contest is over.

The questions range from easy to hard and you don't have to answer them all correctly (that's why were doing it right)? In fact if you answer a question wrong after the quiz we will give you the correct answer and explain why.

The contest runs from 07/21/2012 to 08/31/2012 and we will draw the winner on September 1st. The prize is a $50.00 digital Amazon gift card that they will send directly to the winners email address for immediate use. If you win we will notify you first to make sure that the email address is real then send the prize.

Every contest needs rules so here are ours as follows:

  • Only one entry per person.
  • All people entering must by at least 13 years of age per the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.
  • No entry fee required.
  • There will be one winner drawn at random who will receive the $50.00 gift card from Amazon.
  • A real email must be used as the prize will be sent to the email.
  • All Entries must be received by August, 31st 2012
  • Your STD Help has final say on all contest entries.

Click the Chalkboard to Start the Quiz

Knowing you have an STD is probably going to be a private part of your life you wouldn't want everyone to know about, so we've put together a small tutorial on how to erase you browsing history in a number of popular browsers so whoever sits down at the computer next won't suddenly start asking unwanted questions about your medical condition. Clear Your Browsing History.

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