Condom Overview

Condoms have been used for years in hopes to stop pregnancy and stop the spread of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). Used properly condoms can stop the spread of many STD’s that are transmitted through semen and other bodily fluids whether its oral, anal, or intercourse.

You can obtain condoms in most places for free (at least in most countries) at clinics, high schools, colleges and some pharmacies to help insure the community will be relatively free of STDs and unexpected pregnancies. Unfortunately for some reason there are still pregnancies and many STDs. So why is this fail safe method not actually working? Condoms are supposed to protect us from all these scary and possibly dangerous sexual problems.

Why Condoms Fail


People who use condoms on a regular basis to protect themselves are on the right track in keeping themselves and their loved ones safe. They tend to be responsible teenagers and young adults and even some more mature and married couples. But problems still exist to a large extent.

There are a number of factors that come into play when taking about condoms and STD’s. One is proper use of the condom if used wrong they may break and could lead to transmissions of different STDs and pregnancy. This is a huge problem because when you think about it, it only needs to happen one time and you could be infected. Another factor contributing to the spread of high risk STDs is misinformation. People generally think if they use a condom they won’t catch anything and this is very wrong. When used properly a condom is quite effective in stopping the spread of certain STDs such as Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, HIV/AIDS, and most strains of Hepatitis, But is not very effective at all against diseases like the Herpes Simplex Virus strains 1 and 2, HPV the cause of Genital Warts and Cervical Cancer, Genital Crabs or Pubic Lice, as well as Body Lice otherwise known as Scabies.

Why Don’t Condoms Work To Stop The Spread Of Certain STDs

The reason that these diseases get around condoms is that they are not transmitted through sexual fluids, but through simple human skin contact. HPV is one of the most prominent and most widely spread STDs in the United States the reason being when the skin from one sexual organ touches the other you run the chance of catching HPV and getting Genital Warts. The same goes with herpes, which is another, like HPV, incurable Sexually Transmitted Disease. Scabies and Crabs are both parasitic insects that feed off the human body and can pass between partners when any touching is involved.

Knowing all this makes you think well what do I do now? This is a great question to ask because we all know that people are not going to stop having sexual relations with each other its part of being a being on this big blue globe. Really trying to keep your partners at a minimum is your best bet and defiantly always use a condom every time and stay monogamous if you’re in a relationship.


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