HPV The Human Papillomavirus

STD Awareness Month

The STD HPV has now been proven to be a major factor in the cause of abnormalities and cervical cancer in women. It has been found that the four high risk strains of HPV Types 6, 11, 16, and 18 are in fact the cause of 70 percent of cervical cancer in women. HPV is an extremely easy STD to contract effecting a staggering number of people young and old and has since been proven that condoms aren't 100 percent effective against this STD. That is why this is a great discovery and another huge stride in modern medicine. Since the findings were proven it wasn’t long the good old drug companies came out with a vaccine that prevents women who are not already infected with these high risk strains of HPV life long protection against contracting these HPV strains and there in cutting their chances of developing cervical cancer in half.

Information on GARDASIL


Gardasil is the only vaccine out that can protect women from the dangers of HPV and Cervical cancer. The vaccine is administered with three shots within a six-month period and unlike many medications the outcome greatly out ways the small side effects such as Nausea, Fever and Dizziness.

It has been recommended that all women in the US be inoculated with this new vaccine from ages as young as nine up to age 26. It seems to have caused a lot of problems with different people from republicans, Christians and other religious groups, and mothers and fathers fearing that this will be like a green flag for their daughters to engage in sexual behavior. As a person with no daughter I can say that I think this is a terrific new drug and should be administered to as many people as possible to try and combat this ever-growing epidemic. Unfortunately thinking of it as a parent with a young daughter I can see their point as well. Life is full of tough decisions like this and sometimes there isn’t a right and wrong, just what is good for your family.

Certain states have started on the long road of creating laws that will protect their young women by making the new drug free or severely reduced in price in hopes that this will encourage parents and young teens to get the vaccine. While other lawmakers are furious and think this is just another attempt to corrupt our young ones. So far, the new vaccine seems to have little serious side-effects and is another great step in making sexual behavior a little bit safer.


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