Genital Crabs And Pubic Lice

Pubic Lice, often referred to as Crabs or Genital Crabs aren't really an STD (although contracted during sexual encounters), but actually parasitic insects that under a microscope looks similar to crabs.

They are generally found in the pubic hairs of humans, which is where the name pubic lice came from. They are tiny little insects that Live and feed on human blood. While Genital Crabs generally live in the pubic area of your body, such as around the penis and vagina, they can sometimes be found in other areas such as armpits or beards.

Pubic Lice are contracted through sexual contact including Vaginal intercourse, oral, and even anal. Genital Crabs are also spread through sexual touching. While uncommon Pubic Lice can also be spread from blankets towels and sheets. If you catch Genital crabs you should refrain from any sexual contact and probably shouldn't share things like towels pubic razors or anything else that might come in contact with the eggs or insects themselves until they have been taken care of.

Crabs or Pubic Lice Pictures.

genital crabs pubic licegenital crabs pubic licegenital crabs pubic lice

While it is hard to say how many people have the Pubic Lice or have had Pubic Lice at any particular time frame because it can be treated at home with over the counter Lice creams and Lice medications, the estimations are high. Thousands of people are infected, and infect others with the Pubic lice every day.


Crabs Symptoms Do I Have Crabs?

As with many STDs, sometimes people exhibit no symptoms from genital crabs. Generally the symptoms you will have are simply irritation and itching in the genital area. It's very hard to see crabs or pubic lice because of their obvious small size. So in order to better understand genital crabs let's learn a little about them.

There are three stages in a genital crabs life.

  • Nit: This is the egg stage of Pubic Lice
  • Nymph: After the pubic lice hatch, they are called nymphs and look the same as adult crabs, but are smaller in size
  • Adult: About one week after hatching genital crabs reach maturity and become adults

If you think you may have genital crabs symptoms you can check by looking closely at your pubic hair. Genital crabs are viewable with the naked eye, but they are extremely hard to see because of their size and speed. To check to see if you have crabs it's generally easiest to look for the eggs or Nits. They will be attached to the pubic hair and look like tiny white/yellowish specks. Another symptom of pubic lice is to look for small brown specs from there waste, often easier to spot than the crabs themselves.

Pubic Lice Genital Crabs Diagnosis Treatment and Cures

Since Pubic Lice are parasitic insects and not an infection needing medication you may not have to see a doctor to diagnose and treat them. To tell if you have genital crabs you pretty much will be able to see the telltale signs listed above. The drive you crazy itching will most likely be your first sign of being infested with pubic lice, then when you take a closer look you should be able to see all the symptoms clearly.

Treating genital crabs is quite simple, as long as you follow the steps you should be free and clear of these little parasites for good (or until you encounter them again). First, you will have to kill the pubic lice themselves. In most drug stores around the world you can buy over the counter Lice creams and Lice shampoos made for killing regular lice and pubic lice. Read the directions on the bottle carefully and apply. After application, wash and dry all bedding and clothing that have come in contact with the genital crabs. Unfortunately the lice creams and shampoos don't effectively kill the Nits or eggs of the lice so you will have to manually remove them from your pubic hairs with either a small comb, your nails, or something similar. After treatment, confirm in 7 to 10 days if the lice infestation is completely gone. If not go through and repeat all the steps again. This should take care of the pubic lice just be careful not to catch them again from the same partner because after treatment is complete you can become infected again just as easily. If over the counter Pubic lice Medication doesn’t work you may have to see a professional and get high grade pubic lice creams and professional advice from your doctor about the best way of alleviating yourself of these annoying parasites.


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